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Actress and zumba instructor Regine Tolentino.


Actress Regine Tolentino on keeping fit via zumba


It appears that actress Regine Tolentino’s career has taken on a different trajectory—teaching popular fitness workout zumba.

It was her passion for dancing that led to her interest in zumba, which subsequently prompted her to focus on the fitness program and become an instructor, Tolentinto told

Zumba features movements inspired by Latin American dance styles and is performed primarily to Latin dance music.

As a zumba instructor, Tolentino is called Zin Regine by her students, the acronym Zin standing for Zumba Instructor Network. Tolentino will show her zumba prowess as she leads the Zumba Madness 2017 on May 11 in Dubai.

The event, which is open to both Filipinos and foreigners, will be held at the Hamarain Shopping Centre on Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Deira. The program starts at 7:30 p.m.

Regine shares to why and how she got involved in zumba as well as her plans as far as her showbiz career is concerned.

Why and how did you get into zumba?

Passion yun ang nagdala sa akin sa Zumba… passion ko sa dancing. (Passion got me involved in zumba… Dancing is my passion)

What benefits can a person get by engaging in zumba?

The benefits of zumba: calorie and fat burning, improved coordination, full body workout, and cardiovascular strength.

Where do you hold your zumba classes in Manila? What’s your zumba schedule?

I have my own studio in Manila – Regine Tolentino (RT). We have different schedules.

Are there also entertainment personalities who join your zumba classes?

Yes like Joshua and Jopay (Zamora), Joy Cancio, Gem Ramos, Mel and May Feliciano and many more.

Can you share an interesting story or two about your zumba classes?

I help change the lifestyle of my students and give them confidence.

What are your expectations of the zumba event in Dubai on May 11?

My zumba events in Dubai, Abu Dabi and Qatar will hopefully result in a change in lifestyle of the participants. Happy life, teaching others to love themselves, boosting their confidence. I also expect to share my thoughts on zumba to the participants and attend gatherings of Filipinos who work hard abroad.

Lastly, what are your plans as far as your showbiz career is concerned? Do you still get to do movies or TV shows?

Hopefully, I want to do TV shows that promote or will focus on a healthy lifestyle.


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