Dubai porter jailed for killing friend over Dh200


DUBAI – A 20-year-old Pakistani porter will be spending three years in jail for killing his Pakistani friend over Dh200.

The lenient punishment came after the Dubai Court of Appeals this week rejected the prosecution’s appeal for a tougher sentence and ruled that the Pakistani will serve shorter jail time because he is under 21 years old.

The porter was convicted of murder in January after being found guilty of stabbing his friend when the latter refused to give him Dh200 to buy new clothes.

Dubai prosecutors appealed the primary judgement to ask for a tougher sentence, with the Pakistani insisting that he killed his compatriot in self-defence.

“I had no intention to kill him. He was the one who attacked me and I defended myself. We met in the parking lot and he tried to stab me first with a knife. I was defending myself when the knife hit him,” he told the court.

In this week’s ruling at the Court of Appeals, the judge said that the Pakistani will be deported after serving his jail term. DAJ/Expat Media


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