Young actress Kim Chiu


Kardashian siblings reply to young actress during Instagram Live session


MANILA – Young actress Kim Chiu was ecstatic when Kardashian sisters Kim and Khloe answered her questions during an Instagram Live session yesterday that had 200,000 people also watching the livestream.

“Ask me questions, guys!” said Kim, who was in a car with Khloe.

Chiu asked: “What’s your diet, Khloe?”, “Are you coming to the Philippines anytime?” and “Can you say hi?” A fan of Chiu took a screenshot of her questions on the livestream.

Kim said she would love to go to the Philippines and mentioned about her friend’s Snapchat photo while in the Philippines. “It was so pretty. Like so beautiful,” Kim enthused.

Khloe recalled that her siblings, Rob and Kylie, went to the Philippines in the past. Khloe then talked about her diet. “God, I’ve been a feast of a pig. Like a pig on steroids. I can’t stop eating. It is horrible. I have no self-control. I feel disgusting. It’s just a mess,” Khloe said.

Chiu was so overjoyed by the replies of the Kardashians that she was jolted awake as it was past midnight in the Philippines when Kim and Khloe had their Instagram Live session.

After the live session, Chiu went to Twitter and declared “I love you, Kardashians!” GAC/Expat Media


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