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Municipality gives erring establishments ‘short grace period’ to address violations


DUBAI – The municipality’s Food Safety Department has closed down 61 food establishments for violating food hygiene rules.

Sultan Al Taher, head of the department’s food inspection section, yesterday said among the violations were: serving or keeping expired food, the presence of insects and other pests, failure of staff to wear gloves while handling food and the lack of signs informing customers that ingredients in some dishes might cause an allergic reaction.

“These establishments have been given a short grace period to clear all the violations related to hygiene and unhealthy practices, expired foodstuff and the presence of spoiled foods,” Al Taher said.

The department conducted 8,072 inspection visits from last January to March following complaints from the public and customers of the eateries.

During the inspections, Al Taher said 380 calls were found to be false while 442 were verified.

“Some outlets took corrective measures before inspectors arrived to verify the credibility of the complaint,” he added.

Meanwhile, the agency’s records showed that the number of food establishments in Dubai rose by 10 percent in the first quarter. The municipality now has a total of 16,657 food utlets. GAC/Expat Media


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